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We ruin your enemies’ days by sending them glitter!

Stupid fucking glitter that gets everywhere! Start ruining days today.

We at Glitter-Bomb-Prank.eu believe that anyone that has ever wronged you should pay.

Glitter is the worst creation of mankind. It gets fucking everywhere and is extremely frustrating.

We discreetly and anonymously package the most annoying thing possible to receive through mail, and ship them to your worst enemies, in an effort to ruin their day.

Just give us their name and address. We’ll take care of the rest.

Shipped Glitter Bomb Pranks
Delivered Within 2 Days
People Had a Bad Day
Cups of Coffee

What kind of glitter do they get?

Not just a cheap ass envelope but a REAL tube with ultra fine glitter for max damage!


Send your boss, that scheduled you for a double shift on your birthday, some lovely fucking glitter to get all over his keyboard.

Send your ex, that fucked your best friend, a glitter bomb because she took away all gliter in your heart.

Send your noisy neighbor, that never lets you sleep at night, a spring-loaded glitter bomb to give them a real climax!

Maybe you just want to be a fucking prick and, for no reason, send the nice old lady across the street. We won’t judge.



Somehow we have Frequently Asked Questions. Read them carefully.

Yes dude this is for real. So send someone this glitter bomb prank today.
Decide whose day you want to ruin & enter their address. Then click the buy button.
We’ll put a tonne of glitter in a tube with your recipient’s address on the front of it.
Yes, unless you open your mouth.
€10 for anywhere in the world. It’s Euro so it’s probably only a few bucks for you.
Yes, and if your are smart your use our obsession in your favor.
Yes, this is not a cheap ass envelope but a REAL tube for max damage!


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I bought this for my husband, he opened the mail before work & got it everywhere! He had to change, was late for work & might be getting fired, LOL!
Grady Chambers
I never get tired of seeing my co-workers rage when opening their glittery envelopes.
Spencer Jones
For my 1 year anniversary I didn’t know what to get my wife so I bought this thinking it would be funny. It wasn’t, I’m now divorced, broke & living with my best friend.
Alma Henry
Its been 3 weeks and I’m still finding this shit. How the fuck do I get rid of it?!
Sean George
Sent to my best friend, note inside was a nice touch. Thanks guys.
Jan Delgado
Just getting in touch to say that I don’t recommend sniffing glitter. My nose now bleeds randomly haha.
Armando Leonard
Hard to Clean Glitter
Fine & Shiny Glitter
Very Effective Glitter
Anonymous Shipping

Now fill in victim’s name and buy anonymously!

Ready to fuck up someones day? Ship some glitter now for only €10

  • Price: 10,00 €

Alright.. You came al the way down here for what? Somebody most have wronged you.. If that is true then he should pay for it!

Fill in your enemies’ details and pay €10 with PayPal. We will directly ship loads of glitter to the person you hate.

At Your Service!